Building your Booth in the Bazaar is a neat metaphor for establishing your home business, but it also carries carries some important lessons. First, the only goal for any owner of any booth in any bazaar in the world is to make money by purchasing and selling merchandise, and transactions are your primary and most important home business goal. Secondly bazaars are great places to separate the genuine from the phoney, and understanding those dynamics will define your success in the on-line bazaar. My e-book, Dancing in the Bazaar explores those dynamics. Finally every home business whether it is focusing on the on-line or traditional, market has these four must-do’s in common:


You need to plan for, and devote time to, working at your new home business every day. You should plan on a minimum 45 minutes a day, including weekends, to start. If you are really anxious to build your business quickly, devote as many hours as you can each week to it. The good news is that you can schedule your time to work around any family commitments you may have. When you work with me, my role will be to help you use the time you are spending on your business productively and profitably


If you are tempted by internet ads offering you an opportunity to make all kinds of money while spending nothing, you are destined to be disappointed. It is as true in the virtual world as in the real one that you cannot make something from nothing. So you need to be prepared to spend money to get yourself set up. If you do not want to invest in your new business, you will not earn any money in your new business


You found us on-line and your home business will be based on on-line marketing. So plan to invest time learning how to use the on-line marketing tools you will be needing . You also will need to embrace social media such as Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You are going to discover that social media is a key resource in building your on-line business. I can direct you on-line learning resources to help you get started


The key to success in affiliate marketing is building a relationship with your leads, and you do that by communicating with them—preferably by talking to them. If they do not know you and trust you, it is very unlikely that they will join you. It is also very important to remember that, from the time you first reached out to us by visiting this web site, you are going to be modelling the behaviors you want the people who respond to you to exhibit.


Do you find the on-line market place confusing and, frankly, a bit overwhelming? Because you have taken the time to visit and explore my web site, you are eligible for a free half hour phone consultation with me. Our conversation will help you understand how to get started and how to start earning money right away. To take advantage of this unique opportunity, submit your contact information and I’ll get back to you