After completing my BA at UBC in Honours English, I spent most of a year travelling in Europe. I then completed my Masters degree at Carlton university in Ottawa. I wrote my thesis on John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and it was accepted with distinction—a real thrill at the time, I can assure you!.

All my life, I have been a teacher and for quite a few years, I taught English at George Brown College. I then moved into college administration and became Dean of Academic Studies at George Brown College. This was an intensely interesting job which taught me all kinds of valuable management and life skills.

After leaving George Brown College, Don and I formed a boutique travel business. We recruited and accompanied small groups of thoughtful people on custom tours of Turkey and Guatemala. From this business I gained another set of very important skills—marketing, web site development and management, how to use the internet to recruit fellow travellers, how the travel industry really works, and how to manage group dynamics in an entirely new way. For more information on our travel business, visit www.aldpar-travel.com

A free-lance consulting assignment led me to another management experience in the world of Injury Prevention— a fascinating experience with a huge learning curve.

From the time I left George Brown College many years ago now, however, I have always had one finger on my keyboard-entry to the on-line world and I have watched as the on-line market place has evolved into the phenomenon it is today.


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